Custom Quilts

Quilts are a special item in any home - whatever that home might be!
Color and pattern combinations are nearly endless!
Consider working with the designer to create a quilt for your bed or your children's room.
How about as a gift for that graduate setting out on their own, a bride & groom beginning their life together. 
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Guest Book Quilts

A guestbook quilt is a great and unique way to collect the signatures and sentiments of your guests at a wedding, graduation, baby shower, bar or bat miztvah, or any other special occasion!
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Dorm Quilts

The Dorm Quilt is a twin size quilt intended to send your hugs, love, and best wishes along with someone heading into the great adventure called life.
Whether they are off to live in a college dorm, staying home to attend community college, or moving into their first apartment this quilt reminds them that their life is made up of a tapestry of events!
This is a great gift for the special high school graduate in your life.  Click here for more details!


Tshirt Memory Quilt

Who doesn't have a drawer or storage bin full of t-shirts too special to toss but not really being worn any longer?
This is the PERFECT way to preserve those special memories!
A T-Shirt Memory Quilt takes your t-shirts and creates a unique quilt. 
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Table Runners

These beauties come in a wide array of styles and the color combinations are nearly endless.
Table runners are a great way to add a touch of style to a room, pop a color, celebrate a holiday and do double duty as they protect the surface of your fine furniture.
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Round The Block Quilts

This 50” square quilt is the perfect size for any occasion!
It makes a great baby gift as it will grow with the little one for years to come.  Great for cuddling under while watching tv or reading – it can be made in fabrics reflecting just about any theme for yourself or as a gift.
Is there someone you know that can use your hugs as they battle an illness?  This is a perfect way to send them your love in a very practical way.
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