Adult's and Children's Clothing

Patten Creations always has a variety of clothing and accessory items in stock.
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In addition, custom garments ranging from a simple summer dress to formalwear can be made to your specifications.  Whether you want a classic look or something more fun or funky!



Costume work takes  place in three primary categories - Individual Themed & Cosplay,
Theatrical, and Film.
My Costuming Curriculum Vitae lists the full range of productions with which I have been associated.

Have an idea YOU want created?  Let's chat!

Wedding and Bridal

Whether you need a traditional gown, a short sassy party dress, a retro look, or something for a themed wedding this is the place to have YOUR vision turned into reality. 

Bridal gowns, reception dresses, attendants dresses, vests for the groom and his guys, something special for mom can all be done. 

One piece or a full bridal party...what can Patten Creations do for you?  Contact me!