The Dorm Quilt is a twin size quilt intended to send your hugs, love, and best wishes along with someone heading into the great adventure called life. Whether they are off to live in a college dorm, staying home to attend community college, or moving into their first apartment this quilt reminds them that their life is made up of a tapestry of events.When ordering this quilt please specify a theme such as music, orchestra, a sport, or other activity that is central to the receiver in particular.. This is translated into a fabric that appears diagonally from upper left corner to lower right - it is their personalization. In the sample pictured above the yellow background with bright musical notes was the special fabric chosen for this recipient because of her involvement in vocal music throughout high school. The rest of the squares are a random collection of lights, brights, and some darks.

Dorm Quilts

Each quilt comes with a card that states the following to explain the significance of the item to the receiver:

This collection of pieced together cloth is called a “Dorm Quilt”. First and foremost it is intended to be used. Whether you are heading off to a dorm and it becomes the spread on your bed or you are staying home and simply need something to curl up in on a cold night use it and use it well. There is some symbolism in the make up of the quilt. It is fashioned from 180 squares, equal to the number of days in a “minimum” school year. It is primarily a random patchwork of patterns—much as your life has been a collection of experiences that have brought you to where you are today and where you are heading tomorrow. Most of the fabrics are bright, to bring a bright spot into your day. The darker colors are a reminder that even the darker moments in life combine to make up the whole design. And just as life doesn’t always fit together perfectly neither do the squares that make up this quilt. Yet in total all of that seeming chaos comes together to form something that is not only functional but it also creates a bright spot of comfort in the midst of the changes and challenges that are ahead of you as you move into the next phase of life. Why is that? Love...each stitch taken, each knot tied, and especially the one piece of fabric that was chosen to represent something special about you was done so because someone loves you. So when you are feeling a little lonely away from home, stressed, overwhelmed, or just plain need a hug...wrap this around you and feel the love of the person that gave it for you.

For information regarding current cost and lead time on this item please click the contact link and let me know your preferences on the theme for the personalization.